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Bakersfield Manicure

Neon Orange Bakersfield Manicure

Neon Orange Bakersfield Manicure

Peacock Gels by Tamara is a family owned and operated natural nail studio located in sunny downtown Bakersfield. Tamara is a licensed nail technician who can provide for all of your gel polish, natural nails, and manicuring needs.

Featuring nail polish from Zoya and gel polish from Gelish we provide both manicures and pedicures. We have over 100 different colors of polish for you to choose from. If you’ve never tried gel polish you should give it a try as it is very long lasting. We do not offer acrylic nails. Where else will you receive such a unique Bakersfield manicure?

You can also combine your Bakersfield manicure with a Bakersfield pedicure which is called the Peacock Combo. The combo is actually $20 less than if you got a manicure and a pedicure separately.

Appointments are required so schedule your appointment online today or call 661-869-1721.

Peacock Gels by Tamara
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